As mobile developers, we would deal with the API calls to Backend to get the information and save/render it on the UI screen.

As we heavily depend upon the response and its contract, a change in the response would eventually requires us to do a lot of changes in the application and the UI as well.

The API services can be internal or external. For example, if you are using an Internal service to render the user profile. After a certain point of time, the BE team might come with a new v2 service to support multiple addresses which was…

UIImage is one of the basic UI elements literally used in all applications. Though it is the basic UI component, the way the images take the internal memory footprint is still not clear to most of us.

If we do not manage the images carefully, the mobile app ends up taking a high amount of memory footprint which causes other effects like Battery Life, Responsiveness, CPU. In this article, I am going to cover best practices for using images in iOS applications.

For creating the images, use UIGraphicsImageRenderer instead of UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions.

To get more insights on lets, deep-dive, into Image…

In general, the memory usage of an application takes a back seat while developing and we tend to more focus on the feature development, UI development, and architecture of the app.

It is somewhat easy to understand the UI logic and architecture of the app by just looking at the PRs or Code. However, it is hard to understand the memory impacts of the code or how much memory requires to run the application or feature.

We usually start to look into memory profiling and other instruments only when we see a tangible effect on the app responsiveness or when…

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Hope everyone enjoyed the week full of announcements like any other previous years with new iOS, Mac, and Watch OS and Developer tools.

I have been following closely the WWDC for the last few years and personally, it really helped me in understanding the core concepts and helped in connecting the missing long due missing dots. In fact, I used to watch the videos multiple times to understand the speaker's intent.

As per my knowledge, most of the developer's lookout for tutorials or StackOverflow answers to understand and implement the new features. …

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As Swift becomes more popular with the open-source contributions/evolutions, you will see a lot of proposals and new features getting added to the Swift library.

As a developer, we are fascinated about the new features and also at the same time wanted to try out the features with some examples to get more understanding of the proposals/features.

Trying out the Swift new features is not difficult, it is just a matter of following few steps and here I am trying to put it down in an article. …

As an iOS developer, one should have involved in building a collection of items using either UITableView or UICollectionView in the apps. Though we are using them almost every day in our development, I feel that there is an opportunity for us to make them leaner and reusable way.

To understand the problem, let's dive into the real-time example. The requirement is to show a list of restaurants on the app home screen.

  1. We will pick the UITableView for displaying the list of restaurants.
  2. Put the UIWireframe into XIB or Programmatic way.
  3. Create a RestaurantTableViewcell from UITableViewCell
  4. Implement data source…

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As an iOS developer, how many times you stare at Xcode to see Build Succeed alert, even for a single line of a code change?

If you are one of those developers, then you are at the right place to discuss the reasons and solutions to speed up the build time.

If something is happening, it should have a reason behind it. Nothing is magical in the real world.

The same rule applies here as well. We can not simply blame Xcode for the Build Time. …

As an iOS developer whenever we try to do styling the UILabel, most of the times will look in the project for the same kind of code and will copy-paste the code with little modification as desired for the needs.

This will produce a lot of boilerplate code and hard for modifications. In addition to that, it will take a bit of developer time to test the code every time you write.

Okay. Let’s get into the problem first and then will dive into the best ways to solve the problem.

I have the following simple text and I expected…

Before we get into the details, lets first see the problem statement.

Problem Statement

How should we provide an option for the user to upload a photo from the phone into the WebView?

Solution :

use NSURLProtocol & UIWebView for iOS9 & iOS10, use WKSchemeHandler & WKWebView for iOS11. Okay lets deep dive into the details.

WKWebview was introduced in iOS 8, and it is recommended to use WKWebView instead of UIWebView.

ImportantStarting in iOS 8.0 and OS X 10.10, use WKWebView to add web content to your app. Do not use UIWebView or WebView.

Till iOS 11, we…

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